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The Story So Far

Friday, 15 August 2008

So I've been writing, on and off, for about 13 years : poetry, prose and even the odd attempt at a graphic novel. I've collected a huge pile of rejections from a great number of publishers over the years (all of which I've kept and which I'll one day turn into a Tracy Emin-style work of art). But amongst the rejections have also been a few acceptances. To date, as my main web site says, I've had 25 short stories and 25 poems published. These have generally been in "small press" outlets, occasionally for an actual cash payment, more often for a free copy of the relevant magazine.

Which is all fantastic - each and every acceptance has been an absolute joy. But now it's time to try and move to the next level. The purpose of this blog is simply to document my attempts to do so. There is, for example, my first novel, Hedge Witch, which is just crying out to be published (more of which later) ...

I have been a little concerned that blogging would become a distraction: something I'd do instead of actual, creative writing. But I think it will be both therapeutic and interesting if I don't go mad with it. We shall see!


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