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Feedback on Seek Alternative Route

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Had a couple of good early reviews of Seek Alternative Route on YouWriteOn. Here's an exercpt from one of them, which I just had to relay :

I only read this five minutes ago and all ready it is one of my favourites. Bare bones essentials, only three characters. This is one story I wish was a novel. I wanted it to go on.

I really don’t think there is anything to add. The characters go through a change of life and deep inside you know they have the strength to cope with what is coming their way. This is not only one of the best short stories on YWO, it is also one of the most heart warming.

Characters: Slaughtered Pig is one of the best characters on the site. And Buckley, as he deflates and the mask slips, shows there is more to him than his merc.
Plot: Fabulous. Nothing fancy, it doesn’t need it. 5.
Pace and Structure: I didn’t want the story to end. 5.
Use of Language: Just the name Slaughtered Pig is worth 5 stars. 5.
Narrative Voice: Really good. 5.
Dialogue: 5 star dialogue.
Settings: Best traffic jam on YWO. 5.
Themes and Ideas: 5.

So, all in all, pretty good!


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