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The Wind Singing in the Wires

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Today I sent off a short story of this name to Ideomancer magazine. The story is slipstream (I suppose) in that it is written like a piece of realist fiction but has a distinct speculative/metaphorical edge to it. You could probably call it magic realism too if you wanted.

I've sent this magazine four stories in the past (Museum Beetles, Perfect Circles, Flotsam and Body of Work), all of which they rejected (but all of which were subsequently published elsewhere.) One thing that impressed me with each rejection was the detail of their response. They don't just send back a standard reply : they explain what they did and didn't like about a piece. On one they even suggested books related to my story that I might be interested in reading. Which is unusual and deeply impressive : it must take some considerable effort on their part.


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