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Hedge Witch Completed

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

So the latest revision of Hedge Witch is complete and I've sent it off to YouWriteOn as part of their offer to publish 5000 novels before Christmas. It's certainly been a worthwhile exercise : chapters have been moved around, some characters have been renamed and one or two plot holes have been filled seamlessly in. This version is also 10,000 words shorter - 102,000 as opposed to 112,000 - which feels about right as I wanted to tighten the text up in various places. Darlings have been murdered.

Hedge Witch is now done and I can move on.

It remains to be seen just how useful this YouWriteOn deal will be - in essence it's really only self-publishing although it's far removed from vanity publishing. But hopefully having the novel there in a completed state will come in useful as a showcase. I may, for example, offer a few chapters for download on my main web site and give people a link to purchase the whole book if they're interested. That's the plan anyway. Then I just need word to get around and the novel to become a literary sensation ...


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