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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Had a rejection from Conville and Walsh for Hedge Witch today. It's the usual thing: a polite form letter. They read my novel with interest. Not suitable for their list. Etc. At least they were quick.

The usual minute of gloom ensued. Why do we bother? Why do we sit typing/writing away when we could be out walking, watching the football, reading a book? What's the point of it all? Are we mad?

Of course, we do it because we have to. Our minds are going to come up with this stuff anyway. The least we can do is write it all down. Anything less would be impolite.

So, onwards and upwards. The latest draft of Hedge Witch is so much better anyway. This will be the one I'm sure.

I've now redone 18 of the 24 chapters so the end is in sight. Then, as the man said, we shall see what we shall see ...


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