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Hedge Witch Revision #42

Friday, 3 October 2008

This week I've been mainly re-editing Hedge Witch (yet again), polishing it up and even moving some of the chapters around. The feedback I've head from sites like YouWriteOn and Authonomy, as well as from friends (thanks Sue!) has been very, very useful. It's hard to get criticism sometimes but worthwhile if you can take it as constructive advice rather than a personal slur. Of course, some of the criticism I've had has been bonkers, but when the same things come up repeatedly it makes sense to take note.

There's still some way to go, though. October is going to be busy whilst I complete this revision.

I've also been reformatting the MS into book format, with all the requisiste gubbins like page gutters and different headings for each chapter. Which has been fun. It's actually, by crikey, starting to look like a book now ...


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