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More Feedback on Seek Alternative Route

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Some more encouraging comments from a YouWriteOn reviewer on Seek Alternative Route :

This is an excellent piece of writing. Buckley and Pig realise how different they are and yet how similar they are. Both men are having problems with their careers and both men in a certain way are envious of each other. It is very cleverly written. Their life journey comes to a sudden stop when both of them are held up in a real life traffic jam. The characters are very convincing and the author changes the point of view of the story very effectively to allow us into the mind of each of them. We are allowed to view their thoughts and worries, which adds to the tension of the story. The pace and structure hits a perfect note.

Which is nice.

This is the story's fifth review so it will now qualify for the YouWriteOn chart. It'll be interesting to see where about it ends up when the chart appears tomorrow ...


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