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A Nice Review of Museum Beetles

Thursday, 1 January 2009

I came across this review of Museum Beetles today :

“Museum Beetles” by Simon Kewin has an unusual narrative structure, following a succession of museum curators over generations. It appears at first glance to be about the growth of a beetle colony over that time, and their gradual destruction of the museum and its records. But in fact, there is another narrative arc here, and it is leading to the point where the people inside the museum will understand something new about their situation, and see a new possibility for their future. The reader, of course, makes the same discovery, and Kewin judges the reveal to perfection. This is beautifully written, fascinating, and one of the highlights of the book.

Which is nice. The "book" in question is The Best of Abyss & Apex Volume 1, to be published at some point in 2009. I'll post updates when the book appears.


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