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A, C, T and G and Serendipity

Friday, 16 January 2009

Today I finished editing and redrafting A, C, T and G (or A, T, C and G as I used to call it, confusingly enough). In the end it simmered down to a nice 7,500 words of science-fictiony goodness and is ready to be released into the wild. I have high hopes of it but we'll see how it does ...

Meanwhile, The Wind Singing in the Wires has been published by Serendipity magazine. You can read the story here. The shame of it is that Serendipity is closing down - I swear it was nothing to do with me appearing there twice in the last few months. It's a sad loss; there are precious few outlets for magic realism out there.

Meanwhile meanwhile I've heard absolutely nothing from YouWriteOn about their "Christmas" offer to publish (on a POD basis) Hedge Witch (along with 4,999 other novels), despite getting the completed manuscript to them in time and in the required format. There's no sign of the status email promised just before Christmas either. I'm very disillusioned with them - they clearly bit off more than they could chew. I could forgive them if their communication was better and they could give me some idea of when my book will be appearing but they're not responding to hails. So, as it is I've pretty much stopped using the site. There's too much mainstream fiction there anyway : too many reviews beginning with a dismissive "This isn't the sort of thing I normally read ..."


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