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Heeding the 5000

Thursday, 5 February 2009

So I had some response from YouWriteOn about Hedge Witch and the "Christmas 5000" publishing deal. Unfortunately it's a completely unhelpful one. I was apparently sent an update weeks ago. They'll really, really be in touch soon with some concrete news. There's been lots of success with other people's novels. And so on.

It's fair to say I'm less than happy about the whole thing. YouWriteOn look bumbling and amateurish from where I sit. This is an Arts Council England sponsored site, for heaven's sake, not some dodgy Watchdogesque scam. All I've had from them in three months are automated response emails and emails telling me nothing but promising real information "soon". Their forums are still offline too - I can only assume because I'm not alone and they couldn't face the hailstorm of criticism they've earned.

Perhaps they'll sort themselves out soon. Who knows? But, if anyone asked my advice on YouWriteOn right now, I'd say don't go near them. If this is the brave new world of publishing then I'm afraid there's bad news. It doesn't work.

Rant ends. Normal service will be resumed soon.


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