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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I know I promised not to keep going on about the disastrous YouWriteOn/Legend Press "5000" deal in which Hedge Witch is involve, but I just had to mention another email I've had from them. The first thing to say is that they still haven't managed to tell me whether or not the manuscript and artwork I've sent them meet their requirements (I'm sure they do) and they still haven't told me when the book will be appearing. Here's what they said :

Thanks, currently to complete books Legend is offering the template cover option as per update email sent, this can then be looked at to see what our books look like (albeit with a template) or as a proof copy to then decide if you wish to go for distribution with your own covers when we next offer distribution approx mid-April if you wish.

More fantastic English! And more confusion. I've told them several times I don't want them to slap "template" covers on my book when my own cover is perfectly good. But I think what they're saying is that my book has now been dropped from the 5000 list and will have to be resubmitted the next time they offer the deal in April. How did that happen? I mean, we had a contract, here. I was accepted for publication. Now the deal has somehow slipped from "by Christmas" to "late February" to "never, unless I resubmit in April". Great work guys!

Will I be resubmitting in April? Will I hell. Avoid these people.


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