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Hedge Witch Progress

Friday, 27 March 2009

... or lack of it! I seem to be in the strange situation of getting lots of positive feedback from readers of Hedge Witch, but making no progress on finding an agent or, gods forbid, an actual publisher. For example, I had this comment on Authonomy today :

Grr. I meant to do some writing today, you know. But no, you have to go and sweep me off on this grand adventure, taking all my precious time and filling my mind with fantastical things, horrible creatures and the threat of a great and terrible evil. And through it all, there are these teases, promises of what's going to come, making me read more, despite the fact that I have better things to do. Sixteen chapters later, I finally managed to tear myself away. But no, that's not enough, because now I have to come back to finish it. Thanks a lot.

In other words, well done.

And, on the same day, I received a rejection from another agent saying "they don't see a market" for my manuscript.

I don't know. What's a boy to do?


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