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More Hedge Witch Comments

Friday, 13 March 2009

I had a couple more encouraging comments from readers of Hedge Witch over on Authonomy today. I just had to share them:

Oh, Simon. I'm positively spellbound. This is wonderful work, written with such beautiful, visual clarity. I love your use of words from "insides liquid with terror" (wish, wish, I'd written that), to that entrancing paragraph about the moth, how Hellen read it's tiny rapid mind, how it skipped across the books. This is so visually satisfying, I feel like I'm in the middle--surrounded--of a giant, vivid movie. Then, as Hellen sees the girl in the boat, and for a flash sees the moth again. These brilliant snapshots establish the tone.
I've not read better work on the site. I can't imagine any reader putting this down. I'm truly in awe, Simon.

Which is nice, and:

This is just enchanting (sorry no pun intended). I have been sucked in to your world and don't want to leave.

Of course I'm genuinely pleased. But Hedge Witch still isn't making much traction on Authonomy. It's currently ranked 533 when I'd like to see it in the top 10, obviously. Perhaps the recent rash of recommendations will help. I've been trying very hard to engage with the Authonomy community more : swap reads, comments, that sort of thing. The web site still feels clunky and counter-intuitive to me, but it's getting better and it is good to engage with other writers/readers. The main problem, for me, is that my writing time is limited and I don't want to use it all up in peripheral stuff (erm, such as this blog). So I'll have to ration myself ...


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