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Writing Update

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I haven't posted on progress with my writing for a while, so here goes!

The full manuscript of Hedge Witch is still being considered by an agent. It's an agonizing wait. I can't decide if hearing nothing each day is good news or bad news. Perhaps soon ...

A, C, G and T has been with Interzone since mid-January. I've heard nothing back from my original submission or from a couple of polite requests for an update. I'm not sure what's going on there - they are usually very polite and typically respond within a couple of months. I'm choosing to treat no news as good news but, inevitably, you start to wonder whether they even received the manuscript in the first place. One of the advantages of an electronic system that sends a positive response!

Work is ongoing on Engn - the next novel. It's still very early days. I have about 20,000 words of it so far, at about the draft 3 or 4 stage.

No luck so far with The One Thousand, One Hundred and Eleven Gates to Faerie, although I did have a very polite and helpful rejection about it from Shimmer. Here's what they said :

Your writing is beautiful--you've captured your main character well, but overall, there was little surprising in this story; what seems to be a twist, that your main character was fooled, isn't really. It didn't come as enough of a surprise.

Which was one of those situations where you realise that what they say is perfectly obvious. I've changed the ending to the story now, adding a whole new episode that really brings the story to life (I feel). The revision has gone off to another magazine ...

Finally I've been working on a new short story too. This one is provisionally entitled As a Whisper in the Air. I hope to have it finished very soon.


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