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Monday, 22 June 2009

I submitted a short story to 42 Magazine back in March but to date have had no response or acknowledgement. Chase-up queries have gone unanswered. It's no huge deal as I'll happily submit elsewhere but they don't appear to be active or responding. Submit with caution.


  1. That's a bit disturbing, since I submitted a story that was accepted; signed a contract stating the article is to be published . . .probably, unless they change their minds, in the September 2009 issue. But when I try to follow up, no one responds to my email.

    Have you read the first issue?

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Your mileage may vary, of course. Perhaps they're just overwhelmed with the work of producing the magazine and will be back in touch with us soon. But I've sent three or four communications to them now - including the initial submission - and heard nothing and that looks to me like a dead market. Still, I hope very much your story sees the light of day come September.

    I'm afraid I haven't read the first issue. It's very wrong of me. But let's state out loud a widely-known truth. Magazines always tell writers to read their magazines to see what sort of story they want. But writers often don't. Partly because it would just be impractical and partly because it would start to get expensive very quickly ...

  3. I am still waiting a response from them as well. It has been three months. I have had very slow response times lately. Not hearing from a magazine after 3 months is not a big deal. Half of my stories have been out for six months or longer.

  4. Same here. I've had an acceptance here too, ages ago, and still no follow up and no reply to my queries about contracts or anything else. Everything email I send is being ignored or bounced.

  5. I notice from their web site that issue #2 of 42 Magazine will appear in September. So they do still appear to be active. Just not responding much to communications.

  6. They folded without informing anybody; didn't even tell the writers with whom they had contracts. So unprofessional. Remember the editor Serene Vannoy and don't bother with her again.

  7. Hi Anonymous,

    That is disappointing. I'm sure if we could hear their side of the story there might be good reasons. But, as I've said before, too many magazines treat writers like shit.


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