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The Literature Degree

Friday, 5 June 2009

Last week I attended my degree ceremony, when I was formally awarded my BA (Honours) in Literature (First Class) by the Open University. Not that I'm bragging!

I'm not normally one for pomp and circumstance, but the whole ceremony - in the splendour of Ely Cathedral - was pretty wonderful. Inspirational really. I'm definitely feeling more inclined to go on to do an MA in Creative Writing now. Not that the Open University course actually exists just yet. But the degree means a great deal to me - much more, for example, than the science degree I did at full time University when I was 18. That was just, you know, something that allowed me to have a happy three years mucking around and pretending to be a grown-up.

I was reminded, again, how wonderful an institution the Open University is. When it started - forty years ago now - it was dismissed by elitists and reactionaries as a ridiculous idea. A university without formal entrance requirements! But, of course, it's been an incredible success. The courses are fantastic. Hard work though ...

I count myself very lucky to have had the OU available to me.


  1. W00t!

    Congratulations! Have you got a pic of you throwing your mortar board in the air...or whatever they call them?

  2. No mortar board I'm afraid - although I did, quite literally, get the tee-shirt!


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