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Clonepod and Pantechnicon

Friday, 17 July 2009

I've had a short SF story - The Thirteenth Labour - submitted to Clonepod magazine for several months, now, but heard nothing back. It looks like this is another magazine that has folded, or at least "gone on hiatus" (which, all too often, is just a euphemism for the same thing). Apart from increasingly plaintive posts from contributors/helpers, the site hasn't changed since late March.

Shame. It's a nice site and a nice idea : SF and fantasy stories distributed as MP3 audio files rather than text. I'd rather read than listen to a story, for sure, but there are plenty of times when a short story or two on an MP3 player would work well. A train or bus journey, say. Let's hope the magazine comes back to life soon. But I'm afraid I've timed out and sent that particular story off to another magazine : Pantechnicon.

I'd not come across this particular 'zine before but it's a good find : a, well, truck load of interesting content on the web site and a PDF fiction magazine to download too. I grabbed Issue 9 to see what the stories were like (because, of course, we writers always read a magazine before submitting to it, don't we?) There's a lot to like. I think I may subscribe.


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