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A New SF Story to be Published

Monday, 23 November 2009

I heard today that I've had an SF short story, 22nd Century Genie, accepted for publication by Jupiter magazine, the futurtastic UK-based SF print and web magazine.

This story has been bumbling about in my head for years, banging into the furniture and making a nuisance of itself. It will be wonderful for it to see the light of day. It was, incidentally, originally titled A, C, G and T, which I thought was a marvellous title (you'd have to read the story to see why), but I was persuaded that this wouldn't mean a lot to some readers. So 22nd Century Genie it is ...

Update : Ian Redman, the editor, tells me that the story should be published in their Issue 28 (April, 2010).


  1. Congratulations, Simon! Wonderful news, I'll bet it made your day!

  2. Well done, Simon! That's cool.

  3. Congratulations! It sounds intriguing...

  4. Karen, Tina and Thomas,

    Many thanks. It certainly did make my day.


  5. Congratulations Simon - jupiter is a great little magazine with quality stories. I'll look forward to yours!

  6. Kate,

    Many thanks. I see that you've had a story published there too. I must have a read of it ...


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