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Flash Fiction : Light Years (18/100)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

... word. ...

Light Years
is a work of flash fiction. In fact it is the slowest piece of flash-fiction ever written. In real-time its one hundred words would take exactly 10,000 years to recount. Because of the limitations of a normal human life-span, it has been specially accelerated to the speed of one word per week. It will therefore take just under two years to tell from start to finish.

For a full history of the transmissions, click here.


  1. I sense I have a VERY long journey to get this read. :sighs: I shall return to keep up with this VERY slow flash of fiction.

    (Love flash fiction, btw. :rubs hands in gleeful anticipation: )

  2. Megan,

    Yes, sorry about that, it will take some time! I can promise there are some good words coming though!

  3. This is really funny and original. Looking forward to the rest.


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