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Flash Fiction : Light Years (19/100)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

... The ...

Light Years
is a work of flash fiction. In fact it is the slowest piece of flash-fiction ever written. In real-time its one hundred words would take exactly 10,000 years to recount. Because of the limitations of a normal human life-span, it has been specially accelerated to the speed of one word per week. It will therefore take just under two years to tell from start to finish.

For a full history of the transmissions, click here.


  1. Hi

    A very late comer to your blog from Nicola Morgan's blog party! So hello and what an impressive blog.

    Being a fan of all things flash, I clicked on your "flash fiction:light years" and erm.

    I read them starting from the top (the latest) scrolling down through to the bottom (the beginning).

    I just thought I'd confess that because now I just feel really silly.

    I did read the words the right way up eventually and hope to be here for the full 100 words, read the right way up of course.


    Take care


  2. Hi Old Kitty,

    Hi and thanks! Yes, I can see it could be confusing. I'm just experimenting, really. I rather like the idea of reading it backwards, since it is an SF piece about time.

    Anyway, hope you're here for the 100th. I'm following your blog now!


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