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Flash Fiction : Light Years (24/100)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

... with ...

Light Years
is a work of flash fiction. In fact it is the slowest piece of flash-fiction ever written. In real-time its one hundred words would take exactly 10,000 years to recount. Because of the limitations of a normal human life-span, it has been specially accelerated to the speed of one word per week. It will therefore take just under two years to tell from start to finish.

For a full history of the transmissions, click here.


  1. Hi

    I'm getting quite good with the patience bit..

    Anyway, so off topic - I've mangaged to get the kindle up and running and bought your story!

    That bit was very easy. But I had to follow your links on your previous blog posts as I couldn't do it by just going to the amazon website - I typed kindle/e-short story/simon kewin..nada!


    Take care

  2. Old Kitty,

    Ooh, that's fantastic, many thanks. I've posted a new page on my web site with links to the relevant Amazon page to hopefully make finding things a bit easier. It's here.

    I hope you enjoy the story. Do rate it on Amazon of you get chance!



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