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Friday, 5 February 2010

A brief bit of self-promotion!

I've recently become a regular contributor to the lovely blog. This blog is chock-a-block with useful hints and tips for the writer and is highly recommended. Obviously!

Although my remit is wide-ranging and I can post articles on any writing-related subject, my main focus is on word misusage. A couple of my recent articles, for example, have been on the misuse of "epicentre" and "best foot forward". It's a lot of fun to do as I rather enjoy spotting lexical mistakes (which, ahem, friends will be aware of). Which is not to say I promise never to make any myself!

So, well worth a look. And if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for tips they'd like to share with the wider world do let me know ...


  1. Hi!

    Brilliant - I've bookmarked the page - I'm all for using writing tips and suggestions, so cheers!

    Take care


  2. Hi Old Kitty,

    There's certainly some useful stuff on there. Very little cat-related, though. I'll try and address that!


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