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A Story A Day in May

Thursday, 29 April 2010

So I've signed up for the May a story a day challenge. Am I mad? Possibly.

The idea is to commit to writing a finished story every day in May. Which, OK, sounds impossible, but I plan to be pretty lax about the meaning of "finished". And also "story". A "finished" first draft will do. Maybe even a "finished" story plan. They're my rules and I'm sticking to them! But I do like the idea of having to write something each day (over and above what I normally do). It'll be good practice; good discipline. And hopefully at least a couple of pieces will emerge that I want to lavish more attention on.

Also, the stories can be any length, so flash fiction and Twitter fiction are probably going to figure prominently, which is fine as those are things I enjoy doing.

We'll see how it goes! Anyone else considering joining up?


  1. I've never tried Twitter fiction but I'm going to be relying on flash!

  2. Hi fairyhedgehog,

    Twitter fiction is a lot of fun, but it's tricky creating a story in 140 characters.

    One of the things I like about it is I can play around with a whole story in my mind whilst I'm supposed to be doing other things. Like, you know, working and that ...

  3. Go for it, Simon. Like NaNo, this sounds like fun.

    Alas I can't write short fiction to save my life - even twitter confounds me - and so I'll stick to the novels.

  4. I think I'm finding you through Karen G. Huge blogging community out there I've just begun to explore, looking especially for published writers whose links I can insert on my blog, ones I want to keep in touch with. You're one of them!! I'm intrigued by this post. Ways to keep writing, even mentally while working, and that. I read your poetry. Good stuff. I'll be back for the stories, too, and more...

  5. You are a brave man! Fair play to you and good luck!

  6. I've too confess to never having heard twitter fiction!!!


    Good luck with the May challenge!! I am sorely tempted to join in too - I just need to sort out my dead as a parrot motherboard....yep my desktop has DIED and I am using a very old laptop that can barely take all these graphics. sigh.!

    :-) technology is great until you realise you are in the hands of Dell Support Centre...

    Take care

  7. Ordinarily I like the discipline that comes with these kind of challenges, but May is jam-packed with deadlines for me already, so I think I'll give this one a miss. Best of luck!

  8. Donna,

    NaNoWriMo seems far more ambitious to me, though. I think it's incredible anyone would do that!

  9. Ann Best,

    It's great to have you on board. Thanks for the Follow and for your kind comments about the poetry. I'll let you know how the May thing goes.

  10. Old Kitty,

    Eek, good luck with the computer. And if you're interested in Twitter Fiction, try Thaumatrope.

  11. Good luck with this. It sounds pretty intimidating. I might be able to manage "a story in May", but...

    I hope you'll post a few here.

  12. Thomas,

    Thanks! I may post a few, but chances are they'll be rough!


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