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A Story A Day In May update #2

Friday, 14 May 2010

Day 14 of Story A Day in May. Simon is still finding it very rewarding.

Yes, my commitment to write some sort of story every day this month continues. This is all, I hasten to add, over and above my normal novel writing activities. What I like about it is the incentive it provides to get down a story - any story - each day. It's a chance to fly off at a tangent and be creative, see what comes to mind, go somewhere new. Sometimes that can get lost if you're working on Chapter X of a novel. I think, after May is over, I'll continue to do something similar, even if it's just to brainstorm a few ideas each day.

Anyway, here's this week's tally :

  1. Judgement Day - Flash Fiction
  2. Quadruplets - Twitter Fiction
  3. Lucky Numbers - Short Story
  4. The Rebellion - Short Story
  5. iRobot - Twitter Fiction
  6. Rescued - Flash Fiction
  7. The Last Shot of the War - Flash Fiction

Some of them are still pretty rough : ideas I may run with later on. A couple I've polished up and may well submit to magazines. But, to give you a taste, here's Quadruplets. Again, being Twitter fiction, it's 140 characters long (actually slightly fewer in this case) :

‘Is there a heartbeat?’ Lines swirled on the ultrasound screen. The nurse pressed the cold sensor to her belly. ‘Actually, I can see four.’


    1. I like that piece of twitter fiction. I used to write short stories in limerick form (which involves huge constraints, obviously) and this reminds me of that. It also reminds me I miss it.

      Good luck for the rest of the month!

    2. Thomas,

      Thanks. If you miss it you should do it again.

      An artist and writer called Thomas
      Used rather a lot of commas
      His editor said, no
      They all had to go
      And now he shows much more promise

      Nope, I'm crap at limericks! I don't reaally think you use too many commas either!

    3. Ha ha, thank you:)

      A flash fiction writer called Simon
      Tried writing a piece with a rhyme on,
      But his quota for May
      Fell behind in that day;
      Twas a rhyme he spent WAY too mcuh time on.

      Only kidding.

    4. Thomas,

      Heh. You've started something now. I think a regular limerick post on your own fine blog would be marvellous ...

    5. Thanks, Simon, I might just do that, though I'll make sure my proofreader's around next time.

    6. I think I could have benefited from a proofreader too. Reaally!


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