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A Story A Day In May update #4

Thursday, 27 May 2010

I'm away on the Isle of Man at the end of May so this is my final check-in for Story A Day in May. But I have managed to complete the challenge : 31 stories created in May. It's been a lot of fun, although fitting the new stuff in and around the ongoing novel writing has been tricky at times. Couldn't have managed it without the very short form that is Twitter fiction! Other people doing the challenge have written longer pieces, which is deeply impressive.

Anyway, here's the list of my ten final stories, bringing me up to 31 for the month.

1.  Seeing Stars - Twitter Fiction
2.  Final Day - Twitter Fiction
3.  A Zombie Walked into a Bar - Twitter Fiction
4.  Lightning Rod - Twitter Fiction
5.  Change - Twitter Fiction
6.  Up In Smoke - Twitter Fiction
7.  One Man Band - Twitter Fiction
8.  A Door He Didn't Recognize - Flash Fiction
9.  A Change of Direction Late in Life  - Twitter Fiction
10. Heart Condition - Twitter Fiction

As I said before, I'll continue to come up with 140-character fiction pieces I think : they're fun to write, you can work them out in your head while (supposedly) doing other things (working, parenting ...) and they're very immediate. There's something very addictive about trying to create a complete, satisfying story in such a short space. I'd recommend giving them a go.

Meanwhile, some of these may well be posted on my regular Friday Flash Fiction slot soon ...


  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge! That's an impressive number of stories for one month.

  2. Well done for sticking with it!

  3. Thanks fairyhedgehog and Thomas. Whether I'll do it again is another matter ...

  4. Hi

    Well done you!!!! Yay!! Wow!

    And great that we non-twits (Heheheh!) I meant non-twittering peeps will get to read some of these soon! Yay!

    take care and enjoy the Isle of Man!


  5. Old Kitty,

    Thanks for all your kind comments. Will we see you on Twitter sometime soon I wonder?

  6. Wow! I admire you for completing all of those. Even more for the shorts you've sold. I struggle with flash fiction, but I'm working on it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I checked out your webpage and laughed at the comment "some of my best work hasn't decided yet what it is" (paraphrased). I feel the same way about my current wip.

    Nice to meet someone else in the science fiction/fantasy world.

  7. Charity,

    Many thanks for stopping by and, yes, it's nice to meet another SF reader/writer.


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