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A Story A Day In May update

Friday, 7 May 2010

So how's Story a Day in May going? Good, actually.

I pretty much signed up on a whim because it suddenly seemed like this fanastic idea, then regretted it immediately because it's actually such a crazy one. But I'm enjoying it; it's an invaluable spark to creativity. I'm walking around thinking, Right, what's today's story going to be, huh? Tonight, for example, I happened to be see this Blood Transfusion Service van on the road, laden down with the day's donations. And a whole scene popped into my head of this gang of down-and-out vampires highjacking it, grabbing the little bags of blood and running off with them. Which may become one of the stories soon ...

Anyway, one week in and so far I've come up with seven pieces :

  1. Ten Million Years - Twitter fiction
  2. A Loop - Twitter fiction
  3. I Love You - Twitter fiction
  4. The Flying Incredulo - flash fiction
  5. She'd Always Loved To Travel - short story
  6. Rockpools - Twitter fiction
  7. Prince of Lies - Twitter fiction

Yep, Twitter has saved my life! Some of the pieces I like enough to want to take further. But here's I Love You for your delight and entertainment, 140 characters of Twitter fictiony goodness :

‘I love you,’ she said. Ben sighed. ‘Thing is, I need to tell you something. About Zoe.’ There was a pause. She whispered now. ‘I hate you.’

And here's today's - Prince of Lies - which may or may not be topical given the general election here in the UK :

The politician stood before his shadowy master. ‘But you had my soul. This is no victory!’ The demon shrugged. ‘So. Seems we’re both liars.’


  1. I love your Twitter fiction, especially the political one. Are you going to Tweet it so I can retweet it?

  2. fairyhedgehog

    Thanks! Yes, I think I might Tweet it - just need to make a bit of room for a hashtag ...

  3. I'm glad you did and I retweeted it. It's very good!

  4. fairyhedgehog,

    Thanks again - and for the RT.

  5. Great little story nuggets. Or story seeds, from which anything could grow.

  6. Thomas,

    Thanks. Gosh, a photo of you too!


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