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Android Kindle App Released

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Amazon have just released their Kindle App for Android 'phones and tablets, which means I now have the whole Kindle catalogue available to choose from on my diminuitive eReader. Ooh, exciting!

Of course, the very first thing I did was to download one of my stories - the SF yarn The Armageddon Machine, which I've previously ePublished as a test, as you may recall. You have to say, Amazon are pretty switched on. They knew I'd already bought the story on my PC and I was able to slap it on my 'phone without any fuss. A couple of seconds and there it was, in all its glory. I was able to read my own story on my own 'phone. Is that sad?

I continue to be pleased about this Kindle experiment by the way - to date around 60 people have paid for a copy of this particular story to read on their Kindles, which I'm delighted about.

Meanwhile, what should I be eReading? Hmm ...


  1. It all sounds very cool.

    I should hope you do like your own stories, or what's the point of writing them? Unless maybe the point is the sixty other people who bought the story. Sixty! That's great! (No one has ever bought anything I've written. Ever.)

  2. fairyhedgehog,

    Thanks. I'm sure lots of people will be buying things you've written soon ...


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