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New Year Resolutions - Half Way Checkpoint

Sunday, 27 June 2010

At the start of the year I rashly set out some writing resolutions for 2010. Half-way through the year already (like, where did that go?) I thought I'd see how I was doing. Of course, it's always very tempting to ignore these things after sticking to them for a day or two. But that would just be wrong! So, how's it going?

Hmm, no luck so far. Still a work in progress. No points.
  • Continue to write at least 500 words per writing day on average 
Going well! I'm averaging over 750 words per day. 1 point!
  • Complete a draft of Engn, my second novel
 It's coming along. I'm 75,000 words in now and I think that's about on course. 1 point!
  • Make at least 3 short story sales ...
Hmm, kind of. I've had 2 short pieces accepted for which actual money has changed hands, but several others accepted for which payment has been in kind. Let's call it 0.5 points.
Failed so far. Nil points.
  • Reach 50 blog followers ...
 Yes! Made this one. Thank you all. 1 point.
  • ... and 200 Twitter followers
On course - I have about 180 right now so we'll call that 1 point.
  • Read, I don't know, oodles of depressingly great books by other people. One a week sounds like a good start. 
I'm not to obsessive about this one. Strictly speaking I should have read 24 books so far but in fact the total is 22. I'd say that's close enough and I give myself 1 point.

So, overall, that's 5.5/8. Not too bad I suppose. Another story sale or two and interest from an agent and it'll be a successful year ...

How are your resolutions going?


  1. That is awesome going, Simon. I'm not sure if I made literary resolutions this year, but I am definitely going to make some at the end of 2010.

  2. the nearest thing I made to a resolution was reading a novel a week in 2010, and I think I'm just about on course.

    Congratulations on keeping up with your resolutions. As you say, it'd be all too easy to just forget them. I'm looking forward to reading that first draft of Engn, by the way, and that might be the one that lands an agent. What I've read so far is superb.

  3. That sounds pretty good! Well done on placing all those stories.

  4. Thomas,

    Thanks, as ever, for your encouragement on Engn. Just need to get the darn thing finished now!


    Thanks to you too. It's never enough, though, is it - I always want more!

  5. WELL DONE YOU!!!! 5.5 out of 8 is excellent so A+!


    I didn't make any writing resolutions - thank goodness - cos if I did it would have been minus 1 million points out of 8! LOL!!!!

    So you are doing brilliantly!!!

    Keep going!!

    Take care

  6. Thanks Old Kitty. Ah, I'm such a perfectionist, though. I'd have been happier with 8/8!


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