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Two More Works Published by Thaumatrope

Friday, 11 June 2010

I learned today I've had a couple more pieces of SF Twitter fiction published over on Thaumatrope. Ten Million Years was published on June 8th and Final Day is published today, on June 11th, just in time for the World Cup ...


  1. Lol. Great stories. I love flash fiction, and Twitter is even better.

  2. Blooming world cup! Those are good and I especially liked the Ten Million Years one. I like a laugh to start the day!

  3. Congratulations! Looks like you're on roll right now.

  4. I loved both - very wickedly funny - especially Ten Million Years! LOL!

    p.s. The best thing about the opening ceremony to the the World Cup?? They had a giant dung beetle roll a giant football away. BRILLIANT!
    Take care

  5. Nice work, Simon. I wish I had your motivation!

  6. Michelle,

    Thanks. I love it too - as I've said before, it seems to me to be somewhere between fiction and poetry at times.

  7. fairyhedgehog,

    Glad they gave you a laugh. As to the world cup - absolutely. Can you believe Rob Green did that in the England v. USA game? And I thought Lennon was a bit anonymous too. Oh, hang on, this is a writing blog isn't it ...

  8. Thomas,

    Thanks! I just hope it keeps on rollin'

  9. Old Kitty,

    Thanks. I aspire to wickedly funny.

    The giant dung beetles were good. The giant goalkeeping howler in England's opener less good.

    Sorry! Won't talk about football any more!

  10. Sue,

    Thanks. Is it motivation or sheer bloody mindedness? I'm not so sure!


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