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Flash Fiction Friday : Massively Addicted

Friday, 2 July 2010

He'd eaten, yet was hungry. He'd rested, but was exhausted. How many lives was he now living? Time to create another, this time an elf!

This story is a guest post by Andy Yates. Andy is one half of the Bumpkin-Brothers game design team ( who try to write as many games as they possibly can in what they laughingly call “Their Spare Time.” Their latest release is The Machine, which I've played quite a bit and can confirm is perfect for a few minutes respite from the writing!

Andy currently lives in the deepest darkest depths of Gloucestershire in the UK. He likes cake.

Flash Fiction Friday is a weekly post of a work of fiction small enough to appear on Twitter etc.


  1. Nice guest post! It made me laugh.

    I was a bit confused on first reading it because it didn't seem like one of yours. It's interesting that I'm beginning to recognise your style.

  2. Love it!!! An elf! LOL!

    Great stuff!

    Take care

  3. Old Kitty,

    Thanks - I'll pass your comments onto Andy, although he's probably too busy playing a computer game ...


    That is interesting - and gratifying! Maybe we'll see one of yours in this slot some time?

  4. That would never have occurred to me!

  5. fairyhedgehog,

    I'm sure you'd do a splendid job!


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