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I'm a Writer Actually

Thursday, 1 July 2010

So, the other day I did it. I called myself a writer. In public. Just dropped it into the conversation, all casual-like. I half-expected the room to go immediately very quiet and everyone to look round in shock. But no-one did.

Someone at my guitar lesson asked me what I did and I explained how my life works : In the mornings I design and write computer programs for a software house. In the afternoons, before the kids come home from school, I write fiction. The other person simply looked interested and then the usual questions ensued ("Ah, what have you written ...")

But it was easy. What was there to be afraid of? Yeah, I'm a writer actually. Me? Oh, I'm a writer ...


  1. Be out and proud is what I say!!!


    Well done you!

    Take care

  2. Old Kitty,

    Absolutely; you're right. Got nothing to lose but my chains.

  3. Oooh I want to say it like that with that British accent. "I'm a writer actually." So cool! Love your accent!

  4. KarenG,

    Just glad it comes through on the blog!

  5. That's so cool coming out of the closet like that. Go you!

    You must be very disciplined to make that lifestyle work.

  6. fairyhedgehog,

    Well, if I'm going to make a proper go of this writing lark, I figure I have to be disciplined about it, treat it professionally.

  7. I once told someone I'm a writer. They looked at me and said, "Is that a real job?"

  8. Amanda,

    Heh. Still, I'm not sure yet if it is a real job ...

  9. Excellent. The day you say "I'm a writer" is the day you decide to cross from amateur to professional status. You're not playing at it any more: you're part of an industry. Welcome.

  10. Thanks Anne. I'm delighted to be here!

  11. Good on you! I find people are quite interested in what it takes to be a writer.

  12. Donna,

    Thanks. Yes, I'm sure you're right. It's just a shame they generally haven't heard of anything I've written. Yet!

  13. When I tell people I'm a writer, their eyes light up. When they discover I write for children though, that light dims a little. I sometimes think that writing is all about disappointing someone, and if that's true, put yourself first and go for it!

    You are a writer, anyway -- the proof is on my hard drive:)

  14. Thomas,

    Sage advice and thanks for the approval. Where are you now? I have this vision of you blogging from a cross-channel ferry or something, on your way to the UK.

  15. I'm on the floor in our bedroom. The house is now empty, the lorry's just gone, and I'm off for lunch. England on Monday:)

  16. You've inspired me to do the same. I only told people that I'd written a novel after I found an agent, but I'm still shy of calling myself a writer. Reading your posting made me see how ridiculous that is.

    I write seriously. Isn't that enough to make me a writer? I spent 3 yrs almost full time writing a novel and the 2nd drafts of the 3 sequals. Why do I think I have to be published to call myself a writer?

    If you're interested in what I've done, take a look at ch1 of 'Lethal Inheritance' (YA fantasy) at

    Have I earnt the right to call myself a writer do you think?

  17. Tahlia,

    I think you can absolutely call yourself a writer. You're farther along the journey than I am, so have no fear.

    I'll certainly check out Lethal Inheritance - thanks for the link.


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