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Electric Spec to publish Remembrance Day

Sunday, 8 August 2010

I'm delighted to announce that Electric Spec magazine - home of "shockingly good short works of science fiction, fantasy and the macabre" - have just accepted an SF story of mine titled Remembrance Day. I'm really pleased about this one.

They had some very nice things to say about the story :

We enjoyed your work immensely and think it exemplifies the superior quality we strive to make available to our readers.

The story should be appearing in Volume 5, Issue 3 at the end of August. I'll let you know when it's available. It's a 5,500 word work set largely on a lawless Mars space station called The Möbius Strip. It's a setting I plan to reuse in further stories.

Electric Spec also maintain a great blog too, with lots of useful writing advice as well as information on the magazine. I was entertained by their description of their editorial production meeting out of which (presumably) my story emerged successfully.

Great stuff!


  1. Congrtulations!

    Electric Spec really is one of the most prestigious markets. Go you!

  2. That is awesome news, Simon. Well done.

  3. Great stuff indeed!! Congratulations!! Yay!!!

    I can just hear the rrrrrrrrrrr of the lightsabres and the zzzzzzzaaaapppp of the broadswords as they battled the Evil Empire to have your story published!

    Ooooh I look forward to reading it!

    Take care

  4. fairyhedgehog,

    Yes, I'm really delighted about this one.

  5. Old Kitty,

    Many thanks! I'm just glad the Light Side won!

  6. Nice work, Simon. Are you having a good holiday? Sue

  7. Congratulations - that's an impressive sale!

  8. Sue,

    Yes, although we're on our way home - I'm typing this from Boston airport!



  9. By the way, Simon, as you were kind enough to chime in on the contest prompt, I thought I'd let you know that the contest is open, prompt here:

  10. writtenwryd,

    Yep, I'd spotted that, thanks. I'd really like that Steampunk book so I'm considering my entry!

  11. Congrats, Simon! Looks a cool zine.

  12. You lucky devil! Congrats are definitely in order. They held my submission (on the "short-list") but ended up rejecting it with: "All of the editors at Electric Spec enjoyed your story and we encourage you to try us again." I shall, of course; but I would have preferred having my story share this issue with yours!

  13. Milo,

    Many thanks - and I'm real sorry your's didn't make the cut this time. I know how painful it is to be rejected and then read about someone who wasn't! I'm sure it'll be the other way around next time ...


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