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Writtenwyrdd's Urban Fantasy Competition Voting Begins!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Voting has opened on Writtenwyrdd's 4th Bloggaversary Urban Fantasy contest. If you're not familar with this, the task was to create a flash-length piece of urban fantasy that alludes in some way to the following paragraph (itself constructed from words sent in by contributors) :

She slumps in the clammy darkness, her mind as dark and empty as the cavern, her bones aching with chill.  She is tired, not the ordinary  kind, but pure exhaustion so that she wants to die.  And, with it, her enemies are winning: she can no longer fight them off.  When the needle accurately finds her vein with the unholy injectables, fire dives and weaves within her blood.  Her power responds, rises within--the precursor to much, much worse than loss of control.

My entry is titled Blood of the Daemonium. I'm not going to do anything so tacky or insulting as just asking you to go and vote for me - you're all far too intelligent and discerning to be taken in by such a cheap ploy. But all the contest entries are over there, mine nestling among them, and a fine assortment of styles and approaches they are. Do go on over and have a read!


  1. Ploy, what ploy?!?! :-)

    I shall go and have a read now!!

    Take care

  2. Old Kitty,

    Curses! You saw through my elaborate bluff!

  3. Elaborate bluff or no, you've got my vote. #8 was a close second, and #9 was a suitable third.

  4. Milo,

    Thanks mate, you're a star. It wasn't really an elaborate bluff! I haven't even decided which one I'm voting for yet!

  5. Well, I will. And as Old Kitty says, What ploy? I can safely say you'll have my vote.
    And thanks for commenting on my wheat (book) rising post.

  6. Ann,

    Many thanks for reading the story, and for voting!

  7. People do seem to like your story, though! :) Even though you don't shamelessly flog the votes!

  8. writtenwyrd,

    Well, I'm just glad people liek the story. I think there are a lot of good ones there.


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