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Awards and a Spot of Housekeeping ...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Many thanks to Milo over at the fine and wonderful in medias res blog for giving me the Going Places award. Cool! And thanks, belatedly, to Kate from the many-splendoured Scribbling SeaSerpent blog for giving me the One Lovely Blog award too (and congrats on the news again, Kate!)

I'm determined to keep my new blog as uncluttered and minimalist as possible, so I've added a new menu item and static page to hold these awards. The new virtual trophy cabinet is here. I reckon there should be plenty of room for the Nebula and/or the Booker when they come along ...

Meanwhile, I've decided to change around my regular Flash Fiction Friday slot. It occurred to me it was slightly misnamed because it was always specifically Twitter fiction I was posting. So, starting next week, these very short stories will be posted as The Tuesday Twitter Tale. Yes, I spent ages working on the alliteration! The stories will appear here and simultaneously on my Twitter account, along with the #vss (very short story) hash tag. Hope you enjoy them.


  1. Oh I love your trophy cabinet idea!! Now that's innovative!!

    Congratulations with your awards!!!

    And I look forward to the TTT (hah, I've acronym-ed it already!)piece!

    Take care

  2. I wondered what to do with awards and I finally cleared them off my blog because I felt like it slowed down the download time for viewers. It was either them or the giraffe and there's no way she's going.

  3. Old Kitty,

    Thanks. TTT - I like it!

    Take care yourself.

  4. Karen

    Oh yes, I quite understand about the giraffe!

  5. Congratulations on the awards and I like the idea of putting them on a separate page.

  6. Thanks fairyhedgehog. That way I've got room for loads more!

  7. Hi Simon,
    I absolutely love the idea of a virtual trophy cabinet. You're right, one cannot clutter the blog or it'll become a distraction for the readers. Do you mind if I copy your idea? Do I have to pay you royalties for it? LOL! ;)

  8. Claudia,

    Copy away! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that ...


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