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A Fantasy Short Story for the Kindle

Sunday, 31 October 2010

So I've decided to add to my small stable of short stories/novelettes available on the Kindle, iPad etc. by publishing an urban fantasy piece. The previous two stories I put out were both SF and I'm interested to know whether fantasy fares any better (or any worse). I remain convinced that short stories work really well on ereader platforms. They're the literary equivalent of the casual games that are so massive on the iPhone etc. I'm surprised there aren't more of them out there.

One of the two existing stories - The Armegeddon Machine - continues to sell in reasonable numbers. In a typical month it sells 40-50 copies on the US Kindle store and maybe 5 copies on the UK Kindle store. The other story - Live from the Continuing Explosion - dribbles out on both sites. I did maybe a couple of hours of promotion work on Armageddon, more or less nothing on Continuing, which maybe explains the difference. This also tells me I need to put more effort into the publicity side ...

The new story is called Guitar Heroes. Here's the artwork : what do you think? The story is a fairly light-hearted urban fantasy romp about a rock band, something like a British Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Come to think of it, today (Hallowe'en) would be the perfect day to release it. I have a vague plan to write a series of stories about the main characters. As with the SF stories, Guitar Heroes has (in an earlier form) already been published by a paying market, which somehow makes me feel that "self-publishing" it is OK. Probably old-fashioned thinking on my part.

Anyway, here's what one reviewer said about its earlier incarnation :
“I loved it. It has a wonderful camp feel to it ... I see them leaping from the stage, all hair extensions and spandex suits, off to do battle with demons.”

The story will be out there very soon. I'll let you know. Anyone fancy a free review copy to look at?


  1. I love the cover art for the short! It sounds like a fascinating story. (I'd offer to review, but I don't have an e-reader.)

  2. Golden Eagle,

    Thanks! You wouldn't need an ereader by the way (other than my 'phone I don't have one myself!) - I can send it any any preferred format.

  3. I'd love a free review copy but I'm going to have to give it a miss! Nano calls and I'm going to be rather tied up for the next month if all goes well.

    I'll look forward to buying a copy when it comes out though.

  4. fairyhedgehog,

    No worries - and the best of luck with NaNo.

  5. Hehehehe!! I said yes to Talli, Al and now you!!

    I'll say yes to you too!!

    Please send via email - none of this kindle stuff so I can print it out on PAPER!!!

    You got my email address?? Goody!!

    The cover is FABULOUS!!

    Take care

  6. I didn't realize they were doing shorts for Kindles. What a great idea. i agree it would work really well on this kind of platform. maybe it will be the new age of writing and publishing right?...the story sounds like a good one. Good luck with your publications, and i hope they continue to sale well. :)

  7. Summer,

    I think most things that get published on the Kindle are novels, to be sure, but you can certainly categorize something as a short story when you set a title up. And, as I say, it does surprise me people don't publish more.

  8. Awesome artwork on all three. Do it yourself? Have an artist pal? An artistic computer program?

    And yes indeed, I'd fancy a review copy!

  9. Milo,

    No, must admit I just bought a stock image and added my own lettering. Wish I could draw like that!

  10. I thought the cover was a poster. I can see it hanging on plenty of teen walls.
    I'd love a review copy, via email like Old Kitty. Thanks.

  11. Old Kitty,

    Fantastic! Many, many thanks, that's much appreciated. Once I've done a bit more editing I'll be in touch.

  12. Milo and Gretchen,

    A thousand thanks for offering to look at a review copy. I'll be in touch once I've done a bit more editing!

  13. I'd love a review copy please....will be happy to post a review on my blog too!

  14. Hi suburbanwifey,

    That's fantastically generous of you! Many, many thanks. Is email best? I'll get in touch via your blog.


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