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My Extensive Research Into What People Want To Read ...

Sunday, 21 November 2010

OK, actually this took me about a second to discover. And it's not really what people want to read so much as what stuff people generally like. But, hey. It's a tag cloud from (current one here). In other words, it's a visual representation of the most popular tags people have applied to stuff (not just books) they've bought/discovered/downloaded on Amazon. And presumably, I'm thinking, people will only bother to tag stuff they like.

I think it's pretty interesting. Fantasy and science fiction are big I see. As is adventure and music. So my recent Kindle release Guitar Heroes should do OK then - got most of those bases covered! Clearly what I need to write, though, is a fantasy romance with some comedy and adventure thrown in. And some vampires, possibly playing on an xbox. That looks like being a sure-fire winner!


  1. Always good to have it confirmed that fantasy remains hot!

  2. Huh. That's interesting. Wonder what the list looked like on Halloween?

    This is a fun exercise. I'm now going to have to do random checks to find out what's 'hot' at random moments.

    You reminded me; I have a friend who checks out what page 666 is about in any book with at least as many pages...

  3. Words Crafter,

    Yes, I wonder how much the list changes - must keep an eye on it!

  4. Ooooh History Horror Humour! LOL!! I like that combination!! This tagging thing is fun!

    Take care

  5. Old Kitty,

    LOL. History Horror Humour should be a genre all of its own shouldn't it?

  6. I like the look of "religion rock romance" -- might have to throw my proverbial hat into that arena posthaste...

    On a related note, I'm publicising your Write1Sub1 post today on my blog. Good stuff!

  7. Milo,

    Nice. Mind you, 10 followers already is pretty good I think.

  8. Oh, I want me some of that hysterical historical horror too!

    Interesting that two of the most prominent words are comedy and humor, and yet agents say comedies never sell.

  9. Ooh, I see romance is up there, too! How interesting... thanks for sharing!

  10. Talli,

    Just a bit of fun, but you're welcome!

  11. Fantasy is King! :D

    Although, I must say, I find it hard to get "new" fantasy writing that appeals to me in the same way the older titles have.

  12. Amanda,

    Fair point. Must admit I like to mix reading old and new stuff myself.


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