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New Profile Photo!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

So I've updated my profile photo' everywhere I could think of : blog, web site, Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook, 6S, Twitfic etc. etc.

Just wanted to say a couple of things :

  1. Apologies to everyone for exposing the full horror of my features to an unsuspecting world.
  2. Thanks to my good friend, the artist Stephen Rippington, who took the picture. Stephen is a wonderfully talented painter, as you can see from his web site. Given what he had to work with, he's clearly no mug with a camera either.
  3. Next time I should smile maybe ...


  1. There's something about the way blogger displays profile pics that often makes people look like little elves, so well done for managing to look distinguished! As for the other thing, I never trust an author who smiles.

  2. Distinguished! Hah! "A bit grumpy looking" might be more accurate!

  3. I like seeing your real face.

    I'm using my real face on Twitter, because I'll be meeting some of the people I tweet with at a Nanowrimo meeting. I've got one of my cats with me though, to distract people from my face!

  4. fairyhedgehog,

    Thanks! For a moment there I thought you meant were taking the cat to the Nano meeting! Obviously not ...

  5. Hehe! I'd like to try that! I'd have one very wild cat with me.

    Probably best to stick with taking a book or my laptop.

  6. you are invited to follow my blog

  7. You just look very puzzled as to why it took you so long to remove the book from your face!!!! :-)

    Take care

  8. Old Kitty,

    I'm just generally puzzled.

  9. Steve Finnell,

    Sorry - but no. Not my sort of thing. Not my sort of thing at all.

  10. How very spammy of Steve Finnell. I'm afraid I would have been tempted to simply delete his comment.

  11. Fairyhedgehog,

    Yes, I was about to but it amused me so much I thought I'd post it anyway.

  12. I'm glad you're not hiding from us anymore (in your picture, that is).

    I've noticed ol' Steve popping up here and there around the blogosphere with the same tagline. He has yet to haunt IN MEDIAS RES, but I'm sure he'll make an appearance eventually.

    "Visit my blog" never reads as an invition to me, while a thoughtful comment will cause to me visit in a heartbeat!

    Oh--and visit my blog, Simon; I've posted your marching orders.

  13. I like it; you look like a serious, brooding author. Well done!

  14. Word Crafter,

    Serious ... brooding ... grumpy ...


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