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Fancy Collaborating on the ePocalypse?

Friday, 3 December 2010

Thanks to Ellie Garratt for letting me know about this fascinating competition/call for submissions.

Pill Hill Press are putting together an anthology of apocalyptic tales each of which must be told exclusively through emails. Submissions also have to be made by a collaborating team of two or more. Completed pieces should be in the 2000-10000 word range and there are monetary prizes on offer.

I love interesting writing ideas like this so I really can't resist. Anyone fancy collaborating? Full details of the competition are here.


  1. You must go for this, it sounds right up your street! And so exciting!

    I'd love to do it but I'm not sure I can write anything apocalyptic. Using only emails sounds fun though.

  2. Hi Simon

    I did briefly discuss collaborating with Ellie, but she had already committed to her writing partner. If you wanted to see a brief sample of my writing style there are a couple of blogfest entries at here and here I can also e-mail you a short story I have submitted for publication.
    But, yeah, I would be interested in a partnership or even a team.


  3. This sounds interesting, and totally out of my comfort zone. Which means I'm considering it. Let me head over to the sight to read more about the contest.

    Do you have a story line in mind?

  4. sorry, should have said my e-mail is djdem (at) supanet (dot) com in case you wanted it!

  5. This sounds really interesting, but too outside my comfort zone right now. I really like the e-mail idea!

  6. fairyhedgehog,

    Thanks, I shall have a go!


    I'll head off for a read but there's no entrance exam! I'd be to delighted to collaborate and see what we could come up with ...


    I have no story in mind whatsoever! I'm sure we can come up with something good ...

  7. Kittie,

    No worries. Thanks for considering.

  8. LOL Simon this sounds just like your kind of non traditional thing, and I bet your emails will be the best!

  9. I saw that on Ellie's site - great concept! I think participants will have a blast.

  10. Wow!! You have snow on your blog!! Wow!!! :-) I'm in such a Chrismassy mood all I want to do is think of raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens..!!

    Take care and GOOD LUCK with this fun project!!


  11. This is a very cool idea... I'm reading THE PASSAGE right now, and the second chapter's narrative is developed exclusively via email. I haven't seen that done before!

  12. What a fascinating concept! Good luck!

    BTW - how did you get snow on your blog? I'm so jealous!!!

  13. Alex, Old Kitty and Milo,

    Thanks - should be fun!

  14. Words Crafter,

    Thanks! The snow was pretty easy; I just made use of some JavaScript code created by Scott Schiller of

    Basically, create a new HTML/Javascript gadget and paste in this code :

    <script src="" type="text/javascript">
    <script type="text/javascript">
    snowStorm.snowColor = '#99ccff'; // blue-ish snow!?
    snowStorm.flakesMaxActive = 96; // show more snow on screen at once
    snowStorm.useTwinkleEffect = true; // let the snow flicker in and out of view

    That should do it!

  15. If you want to have more than one on the go, I'll give it a try. Especially if it's short and snappy!

  16. Sue,

    So far only Dominic has definitely said yes - and there's no problem having more than 2 people collaborating. I'll give it a day or two more then email and see if we can agree a scenario/outline ...

    Sorry you had to sign in to comment BTW - got sick of the anonymous spam.

  17. Sounds fun. I had an epal when I was younger and we actually wrote a story together. I would write a bit.. email it to her.. she would fill in the next bit.

    awesome fun. :)

  18. Amanda,

    We may end up doing it just like that!

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