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Write1Sub1 Taking Off ...

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Feeling bereft after the adrenaline rush of NaNoWriMo? Write1Sub1 could be the answer! As blogged previously this is the scheme dreamt up by Milo James Fowler, Stephen Ramey and myself to write and submit a story a week in 2011. Partly in homage to Ray Bradbury, partly because, hey, it sounds like fun. It's a bit of a relief to know other people are keen to join in! Last time I checked we had 16 followers and 8 actually signed up. Fancy coming along for the ride?

The scheme will hopefully be an inspiration rather than a millstone to those of us taking part. It's great to see people doing it their own way too. One writer who has signed up has decided to aim for one story per month rather than one per week. Which is cool. And as I said in my plans post, quite a few of my stories will be flash length, as these are something I love writing. But it's a case of whatever works for you. Twitter fiction? Poetry? Novel chapters even? Whatever helps your writing. Hopefully the communal effort will inspire us all.

The dark, wintry days after the festivities of Christmas and New Year can be a bit grim up here in the frozen north. I have to admit, a small part of me is actually looking forward to them for once so I can get cracking ...


  1. Calling all POETS! Inspiration rather than millstone, indeed. We're each going to make Write1Sub1 work for us -- instead of the opposite. I, for one, can't wait.

  2. Dammit Milo - your intriguing 'Write1Sub1' on the end of your comment on my blog has snared me ... and now I might just have to do it.

  3. Tempting, very tempting! Let me sleep on it...

  4. Good luck to you very determined writers!!!!!! I look forward to reading as always! Yay! take care

  5. It's snowing here in the sunshine and we've had more snow in past 24 hrs than last week's flurry.
    My question is how long do people tend to sit on their stories before they submit them? I am burning to know. Thanks:O)

  6. Hi Madeleine,

    Yep, snowing up here in Herefordshire too.

    It's a good question. The temptation is always to send it off the moment it's "completed". Once of the reasons we decided to say that we didn't have to write and submit the same story in a week is because it often pays to leave something and come back to redraft it later. I'd say at least a week is needed : come back to it, revise, then send it out!


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