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I'm Hard!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

A thousand thanks to Milo over at in medias res for the Write Hard award, given to people who have been in some way inspirational. Not sure how I've qualified - I generally just aim for coherent - but it's great to get the award. And thanks to Aaron Polson for starting this meme and establishing the rules in the first place.

In the way of these things I'm supposed to pass the award on to writers who inspire me. Gosh, where to start? There are so many it seems like an impossible task. So I've decided to pick four and provide the caveat that I could have listed lots of others. Here goes :

  • Anne Allen at, um, Anne Allen's Blog : a constant voice of reason, her posts are always a delight.

Thanks guys!


  1. You're well 'ard, Simon. Congratulations and thanks for those interesting links.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS with your fab award and inpirational post!!!! Yay!!! take care

  3. Thomas and Old Kitty,

    Many thanks. I could, of course, have just as easily have chosen both of your blogs ...

  4. Deborah and fairyhedgehog,

    Thanks. But oh dear - I really should have picked your blogs too ...

  5. Not really. Mine is in a bit of a slump at the moment and you couldn't pick everyone!

    Just enjoy your award and don't worry!

  6. What Deborah said.

    Wow. I'm honored! I love KarenG's blog, but I haven't read the other two, so I must get clicking.

    Thanks a bunch!

  7. fairyhedgehog,

    Good advice. I shall try.

  8. Anne,

    You're most welcome. I may fail to interact with you blog sometimes but I always love reading it.

  9. Thanks Simon, I am truly honored. And I love the other blogs too, they're very inspirational.

  10. Thanks Karen. And, yep, dome great blogs there, alongside your own ...

  11. Thank you so much for awarding me! I'm honored.

    I'll have to check out those links--I follow all but one!

  12. Golden Eagle,

    You're more than welcome.

  13. Congratulations on the award and you really are an inspiring writer!

    Thank you so much for thinking of me. Ironic, and encouraging, that this comes when things are totally crazy and I've been away for several days!

    I'm hoping to have everything back to normal *snort* by the middle of the week. I've missed all of you!

    Thank you again for thinking of me!

  14. Words Crafter,

    I hope you get back to "normal" soon!


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