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Write1Sub1 Week #8 Check-In

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday is Write1Sub1 Weekly check-in day. I thought I'd start posting my weekly updates here as well as over on the main Write1Sub1 blog.

As predicted last week, progress has been a little slow on the short fiction front this week, as it's been half-term and the kids have been off.

Made some progress on SF thriller Malware. I really, really want to complete a draft of this next week. Fortunately I have managed to keep up the with Write1Sub1 scheme in other ways :

Wrote and submitted flash fiction story The Number Six to fellow Ether author Rebecca Emin's It's Only A Number competition.

Wrote and submitted five Twitter poems to Microcosms : First Contact, Guitar Like Hendrix, Shadow Beings, The Howling Dark and "At Night, When He Sleeps" (this latter actually a haiku).

I also wrote a further ten SF haiku at the request of Teri Santitoro, editor of Scifaikuest, as he wanted another five or so for my Featured Poet slot in his November issue : "On The Bioscan", "Stars Fall One By One", "A Flower Unfurls", "Starship Back At Earth", "They Wait In The Dark", "His New Existence", "That First Gentle Kiss", "Explosions Cascade", "Suit Air Exhausted" and "Metal Fingers Flexed".

Teri's already been back in touch and said :

These are great! I may wind up using all of them.

Which is cool. It looks like I'll have 10-15 haiku appearing in Scifaikuest come the autumn ...


  1. This is great, Simon. There's nothing like acceptances to fire the motivation motors -- or is that such me? nb am shallow.

  2. Also, it's a good idea to do a write1 sub1 post on your blog. I think I'll copy you.

    I love hearing about other writers' progress, plus it gives me ideas about subbing venues. Microcosms, eh?

  3. Deborah,

    That's certainly the case with me too : one of the reasons, I suppose, I write short fiction as well as longer stuff.

    Feel free to copy! I'll let you know how I get on with Microcosms.

  4. First week trying Write1Sub1 and wrote and submitted 2 twitter fictions, revised a third piece which was too long and then submitted it. Seedpod accepted two of them, one will be published today (Unknown Planet) while the other is scheduled for 3/6 (Lavellan).

    A small victory but its something i'm shooting for atleast five submissions this week.

  5. Robert,

    That's great stuff! Congrats. Are you going to post over on the main W1S1 blog too?

  6. You are just so wondefully prolific and productive!!!!! I am in super AWE!!! Yay for you and congratulations!!!! Take care

  7. I wonder if you could become a featured writer for the magazine...?

    Fantastic work you're getting done, wow!

  8. Thanks Words Crafter! Gosh, I don't know. Perhaps if I keep submitting ...

  9. You're certainly getting a lot of work done!

  10. Golden Eagle,

    Well, I guess, but there's always a million other things I want to write ...

  11. Sounds like a productive week, and love the titles!

    I've been trying to get onto the Scifaikuest site for days now, but it keeps timing out :(

    Ellie Garratt

  12. Thanks Ellie - yep, not too bad in the end. Sorry to hear about Scifaikuest. I've just tried them now and they're definitely there. I used this address.

  13. Well done sir, on all of the above. You've inspired me to write/submit a bit of haiku myself, and I'm loving it!

  14. Great stuff Milo - I'm sure yours will be excellent.

  15. Fail. :( I did finish a story though and am going to try for 2 submissions in March to make up for missing Feb.

    Thanks for reminding us every week!

  16. Charity, as long as it's helping you, that's all that matters!


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