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My Game Writing Deal

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Late last year I blogged about the possibilities of writing fiction for computer games. My point was that, rather than fretting about competing attractions like games, we should embrace them and see them as an opportunity. Andy Yates then wrote a great guest post about interactive fiction.

As a lover of games as well as fiction, this all intrigued me very much. Which is why I'm delighted to announce that I've come to a deal with top indie game house Rusty Axe to write the text for an Elmore Leonardesque adventure game, along with an accompanying novella based on the same characters and events. Exciting stuff! The game/story is currently titled Hurricane Bob.

We're still at the stage of brainstorming ideas and plot-arcs, but once we're there and all parties are happy, we'll sign contracts and the writing can begin in earnest. This promises to be a lot of fun. On the one hand there's going to be all the conventional writerly stuff of character development, dialogue etc. On the other there are the more technical demands of creating a believable game-flow that allows the reader/player control over events. Hopefully my years as a software developer will be of use as well as my writing skills.

It's going to be an interesting process, not least because I won't have complete control over what happens. This is a collaboration between myself, a software developer, an artist and perhaps a musician. So a bit of an experiment. 

I'll keep you all posted on progress. When it's done the game and novella should be available on a wide variety of platforms : PC, Apple iDevices, Androids etc. etc.

Exciting times we live in!


  1. Wow! Congratulations and good luck. I hope you get everything you want out of this writing experience.

  2. Wow - I'm so thrilled for you! Game writing is something I know absolutely nothing about so I'll be looking forward to you updates on the process :-)

  3. That is wonderful news, Simon. I never thought about the gaming market, wow. And a novella to go with it? That is fabulous.

  4. I'm all for an Elmore Leonardesque adventure game called Bob! Yay!!!!

    So excited for you!!! Well done you! Take care

  5. Thanks Kate - I'll keep you updated.

  6. Deborah,

    I know; it will be an interesting experiment.

    Many thanks!

  7. Congratulations! That's so exciting and it's great that you've got the skills to take it on.

    I've already decided I have to have the game when it comes out!

  8. Simon, congratulations! It's a dream of mine to write game content someday, especially with the RPG market leaning toward more story-focused video games.

    Very awesome stuff. Best of luck!

  9. fairyhedgehog,

    Thanks! We'll see if I do have the skills!

  10. Stephanie,

    Thanks. Yep, definitely exciting. Don't know where it will lead but it should be fun finding out.

  11. Incredible!!!! But not surprising. It's not for nothing that those magazines snap up your fiction almost as soon as you type the last period. You're an amazing writer. I've come to expect good things from you.

    I do hope this will open the door for your other works to get published. I still want to read them!

    *bowing low* You're my hero!


  12. So cool! I haven't "gamed" since I was just out of college, but I'll definitely have to check out your finished project.

  13. Words Crafter,

    Wow, high praise indeed. A thousand thanks. I can only try to live up to your expectations!

  14. Exciting news, Simon, and so very YOU! Is it time to give up the day job?

  15. Thanks Sue. Don't think I'm quite ready to give it up just yet!

  16. Hey, exciting! It sounds really interesting, though perhaps a challenge too? I speak as someone who is hopeless at collaborating. Anyway, congratulations! And I look forward to seing how the project develops.

  17. Thomas,

    Yep, definitely both exciting and a challenge. I'll let you know it goes.


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