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Story Sold to Daily Science Fiction

Monday, 25 April 2011

Just heard that fantasy short The Standing Stones of Erelong has been bought by Daily Science Fiction, which most definitely counts as bloody marvellous news. This counts as my first pro sale as DSF pay 8c/word.

This was such an easy story to write. I woke up with it there in my head and pretty much just had to transcribe it and polish it up. Love it when that happens.


  1. 8c a word?!?!?! I love that rate. Yay!!!!! Well done you!!! take care

  2. Old Kitty,

    Thanks! I'll obviously let you all know when the story is out there.

  3. Well done, sir! I've got to start submitting to them again. $.08/word is awesome.

  4. Thanks Samuel!

    Milo : you should. Many thanks!

  5. Whooo-hooo. I'm sure they're going to get retrospective SFWA accredition soon (if you're bothered about such things), whoo-hoo.

  6. Deborah,

    Thanks, and, yes, I really hope they do get accreditation soon : if it is retrospective then that would give me qualification for Associate Membership. Which would be cool.

  7. Wow, congrats! It's always great to see someone actually catch the rabbit, ya know?

  8. Thanks Joe! And thanks for dropping by and following.


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