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Write1Sub1 Week #17 Check-In

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday is Write1Sub1 Weekly check-in day. I'm posting updates on my short fiction output here as well as over on the main Write1Sub1 blog.

Once again, longer fiction has been my main focus this week. That combined with holidays and trying to avoid the horrors of the R***l W**d**g have kept me pretty busy, but short fiction/poetry has also been written and submitted ...

Written :
  • Twitter stories The Flamingo Dancer, On the Edge and Cycles.
  • Haiku The Still Heat of Day and Dusk Gathers Shadows.
Submitted :
    • Fantasy flash story CryptQuest.
    Accepted :
      Published :

      Happy with that! Pretty good haul for the week ...


        1. I had to work out what horrors you meant!! I need more coffee!! My brain is not functioning as yet! LOL!

          Yay for your amazing successes! Take care

        2. Old Kitty,

          Thanks! More coffee is always a good thing.

        3. Awww, I loved the wedding :)

          Dude, you are the Midas of writing. You need to roll a pen in your hands then mail it to me, lol.

          Congrats on all the acceptances and I liked Electrolarynx!

        4. Thanks, Words Crafter - I do wish I could do that thing with the pen! And as for the wedding, I gather I'm rather in the minority. Hey, ho, that suits me ...

        5. Still impressed by the DSF acceptance. =]


        I'd love to know what you think.