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Write1Sub1 Week #21 Check-In

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday is Write1Sub1 Weekly check-in day. I'm posting updates on my short fiction output here as well as over on the main Write1Sub1 blog.

The edits on the 100K novel are finished! Short stories should start getting more of a look-in now. Some good progress on the microfiction and poetry front to report this week too ...

Written :
  • Slieau Whallian (fantasy, short story)
  • Rubies and Pearls (Twitter)
Submitted :
  • The Cat's Tale (SF, Flash)
  • Rubies and Pearls (Twitter) 
Accepted :
    Published :


    1. wow, that's an awesome list.


    2. Microcosms? Me too! Maybe we'll share a week. Mine go online early July; you?

    3. Thanks Donna!


      You too huh? Gret stuff. I'm in June I think - not sure as I'm away from home and my emails just now!

    4. Congratulations on another awesome week!

      Ellie Garratt

    5. As usual, I am completely in awe. I can't seem to write short fiction to save my life. Everything turns into novels. Novels that get rejected over and over. Sigh.

    6. Anne,

      Oh desr! I know what you mean. I guess I'm just conscious that if every story idea had to be novel length I'd need several more lifetimes to write them all!

    7. Congratulations on your May Marionette, Simon.

    8. This list is something to be proud of alone, but the 100K novel too - superb. And a May marionette to boot - congratulations!

    9. Congrats on your W1S1 progress.

      I'm having trouble with the slowest story ever. Every time I read the new word, I forget the old ones!

    10. Matt,

      Yeah, that is a problem. Although it's also kind of the desired effect!

    11. An inspiring list, Simon. Congrats!


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