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Write1Sub1 Week #23 Check-In

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday is Write1Sub1 Weekly check-in day. I'm posting updates on my short fiction output here as well as over on the main Write1Sub1 blog.

Back into a bit of a rhythm this week : drafting a new story, polishing up and sending out a story from a previous week : 

Written :
  • Last Train to Morden (short story)
  • A(mong Rel)atives (Twitter)
Submitted :
  • Slieau Whallian (fantasy, short story)
  • A(mong Rel)atives (Twitter)
    Accepted :
      Published :
      • Last Days of Summer by Cuento


      1. Congratulations on another great week!

      2. Seriously, you are rolling! Congrats on a great week.

      3. Thanks, Joe. Much appreciated.

      4. Congrats! What a week, indeed.

      5. Thanks, M. Can I call you M? And is your picture related to Ellie's I wonder ...


      I'd love to know what you think.