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Write1Sub1 Week #30 Check-In

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunday is Write1Sub1 Weekly check-in day. I'm posting updates on my short fiction output here as well as over on the main Write1Sub1 blog.

Managing to keep my head above water despite summer holidays ...

Written :
  • A Midwinter Sacrifice (fantasy, short story)
  • Outro (Twitter)
  • Buried Memories (Twitter)
Submitted :
  • Outro (Twitter)
  • Buried Memories (Twitter)
Accepted :
  • The Bitter End (SF, 8400 words, co-written with Dominic de Mattos) by Jupiter SF
  • Kinda : I Saw Hearts But You Saw Skulls got an honourable mention in the Clarity of Night Elemental competition. Does that count?
    Published :


    1. Of course being highly commended in the Elemental contest counts - that was a brilliant story!!!! Yay!!!!

      Yay for your story with Dominic - now go and enjoy the holidays! Take care

    2. Thanks Old Kitty - I'm still thinking about whether I should expand the story as several people suggested.

      Am enjoying the holidays! Most definitely. It's just not conducive to a lot of scribbling ...

    3. Glad to see you finished the "Sacrifice" story -- and congrats on reaching your July W1S1 goals!

    4. Some excellent progress, there, Simon. And congrats on the recent pub credit!

    5. Thanks Milo. Yep, just got to find it a good home now.


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