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Star Trek As We Know It Blogfest

Monday, 22 August 2011

Stardate 2011.724 and I'm in orbit around Ellie Garratt's Star Trek As We Know It Blogfest. Did I mention how much I love Star Trek?

Have you ever had that Star Trek vs Star Wars argument? Give me Star Trek every time. Star Wars is, you know, OK. But Star Trek is this whole fantastic universe full of amazing ideas and weird stuff while Star Wars is just, well, goodies vs. baddies isn't it? No contest ...

So, anyway, top five Star Trek characters. Nothing too controversial here :

  • Kirk - Obviously; no need to explain.
  • Spock - Ditto.
  • Data - Endlessly questioning what it means to be human, what it means to be alive. Plus he jerks his head around slightly while "computing", which is just cool.
  • Worf - No-one frowns like a Klingon and Worf is the frowniest of them all. Spends his time bristling at the indignities of being on board a Federation starship. Glad he's on our side.
  • Picard - Utterly compelling as a starship captain.

All men, I know. Janeway came close, as did B'Elanna, Kira Nerys and Seven of Nine. And the Borg Queen ...

Oh, and while we're on the subject, here are my five least favourite Star Trek characters :

  • Q - The horror! The heart-sink when you learn it's another Q episode!
  • Wesley Crusher - Oh, you have a boy on board the starship. Oh, and now you're letting him drive. Well that's not a misguided attempt to appeal to a perceived target audience, is it?
  • Guinan - Enigmatic, elliptical, irritating. Just tell us what you know!
  • Neelix - Worthy, cheerful, considerate. Someone give him a red uniform and beam him down to a planet!
  • Q again - Just because he's that irritating.

Live long and prosper!


  1. Love Star Trek! I thought the reboot by JJ Abrams was genius, and I cried like a tool during the cameo appearance by [insert name here to avoid spoilers].

  2. who is this "Q" guy... kidding.
    great trek post.

  3. Oh Wesley, Wesley, Wesley. What a Wesley! LOL!!!!

    Awww Neelix - he's lovely!! I think he's even got a cookbook out! LOL!

    Yay for these fab choices!! Take care

  4. Great list. There is no comparison, Star Trek is better, I just can't understand why people have to compare them, besides for the fact they each share a word in their title.

  5. We match 4/5!! I like Neelix too. LOL! Yes Q was a mind boggling character. They seemed to try to create a Q type character in Dr. Who, too recently.

  6. lol... I like Q! Mainly because he can get Picard's dander up. I brought up the Star Trek/star Wars debate on my blog too. I can honestly say I love them both. yep, I'm one of those people who likes cats and dogs both too.
    I agree with you on Neelix tho. Annoying.

  7. Nice character pics. Star Trek does beat Star Wars. I have to disagree with you about Q. I liked him...even if he was annoying. :)

  8. Wonderful list! BUT. Star wars isn't just 'goddies vs baddies' LOL (I'm a 100% Star Wars fan). I'm new to Star Trek but what I've seen, I've really liked! Awesome post :D

  9. Yes, thinking back, Q might be one of the reasons I drifted away from Star Trek.

    It's still a great premise for a show though. Picard was always my favourite captain.

  10. Oh, yes. Neelix! I almost forgot about him. He rocked.

  11. What did you think of the Abrams & Co. reboot? I enjoyed it; seemed like they paid some serious homage to the original series.

  12. Okay, you hated Q and I loved Q. Each episode he was in you avoided and I watched, ha-ha!

    Still liked your list.

  13. I liked Guinan. just not a whoopi fan?

  14. I didn't think of adding the five worst characters. Q making your list twice ... I agree.

  15. Though I love star wars, I'd have to agree the star trek universe is better developed. There's so much more to it (I guess there has to be when there're so many seasons).

    Great list. I love all your favorite characters and find Wesley utterly annoying... but not quite so bad as Q.

  16. Was just watching a Garak-centric episode of DS9, and there's a quick, throwaway moment when Garak, all smiles and courtesy, passes by Worf, and Worf just look after him and growls. Had nothing to do with the story, but it was awesome.


  17. I am so with you on Wesley Crusher! I don't think there are many Trekkies who would disagree, either.

    Great choices!

  18. Love how you listed Q 2x. Well done.

    I kinda liked Neelix, too. His hair was fab.

  19. Good list. Especially for having the guts to call out Q. He's a fan favorite, but I hate him too. Maybe we should start a club...

  20. Donna : yep, loved the reboot too. More, more!

    iZombie : Thanks. Yeah, just some annoying alien.

    Old Kitty : I'm sorry, but Neelix just has to go!

    Hutch : you're right and I guess I shouldn't have compared them. Enjoy them both!

    Madeleine : I'm seeing quite a lot of love for Neelix, so it's probably just me!

  21. I liked Wesley Crusher. It's sort of the old "ship's boy" thing turned on its head a bit. And Q was the most interesting character in that show. :P

  22. PK : fair enough - we'll have to agree to disagree on Q!

    Laila : Seems like Q is actually really popular! It's obviously just me ...

    Jess : Fair enough. Enjoy ST and SW!

    Thomas : Yep, Picard was the best, no doubt.

    Donna : Lots of people liking Neelix! I know he means well but ...

    Milo : I loved the reboot. It was fresh but stayed true to the tradition.

    Isis : Oh dear, sorry. Lot's of people clearly love Q ...

    Michael : No, I like Whoopi. I just found Guinan too vague and gnomic all the time ...

  23. Stephen : Another Q hater! Glad you dropped by!

    Morgan : Ah, another anti-Q vote! Many thanks for commenting!

    Dan : Yeah, that's Worf at his best.

    Ellie : I know. He's a soft target. Still a target though!

    M Pax : Thanks! Yes, his hair was good. He just go so annoying after a while ...

    kmckendry : absolutely!

    Maurice : Thanks. Seems like Q divides opinions rather!

  24. Sarah,

    Whoops, doesn't look like we'll agree on Wesley or Q. Still a sign of a great drama, I think.

  25. I didn't care for Neelix either. He was irritating. I have to say that I loved Q stories though. Loved your list of favorites!

  26. Hating on the Wesley I see! He got better as the year progressed. And Star Trek always wins over Star Wars.

  27. LOL! Yes, Q is so annoying. :)

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    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  28. Hey, Simon! Great list. You cracked me up with the last part...


  29. LOL - I couldn't agree more about Q.

  30. Great picks. Q was such a fun character.

  31. Belle : Thanks. I'd definitely prefer Neelix to Q!

    Alex : Oh, I don't hate him. I pity him really ...

    Elizabeth : Absolutely!

    James : Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for dropping by.

    Christine : Data rules, no doubt.

    smartgirlsscifi : Cool. Opinions seem to be divided!

    msmariah : Thanks! I can see a lot of people love Q. Who knew?

  32. Best blogfest ever. Thanks, Simon. I've been enjoying all of the posts.

  33. Oh no!!! Don't visit my post because I voted Q #3!!! Mostly that was because of the Deja Q episode, where he gets his come-uppance!

  34. Margo,

    Thanks! That's just about the only Q episode I can enjoy!

  35. Thanks for warping around the galaxy with us! I loved your lists, though I do like some of the Wesley Crusher episodes - it depends on the writing. And yes, that might be because I wasn't far from his age range.

    Loved the bit about Data jerking his head. Wasn't there a moment when Picard told him to stop doing that, or am I misremembering? I loved the episode when he and Data had to sleep on a Klingon bird of Prey, anyway.

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  36. I can't believe I've finally found someone who dislikes Q as much as I. Whoohoo!

  37. Wendy,

    I'm delighted you share my feelings!

  38. kelworthfiles,

    Yep, I think you're right. There was no good reason for Data to do that with his head was there?

    Thanks for the link - I'll go and check it out.


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