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Dan Quixote Published in Inkspill #5

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Inkspill #5 is published today, an issue that includes my own flash story Dan Quixote. Guest fiction editor Eleanor Perry describes my little story thusly :

‘Dan Quixote’ ... charmed me with its splendid simplicity; the pithy tale of a man seeking order in a chaotic world.

So, not autobiographical in the least, oh no.

You can download the issue as a free PDF from this page. My own slight contribution notwithstanding, this is a marvellous magazine, full of not only fiction and poetry but also musings upon fiction and on the process of writing. Entertaining and informative stuff.


  1. :D

    That's a wonderful story. Kept me guessing right to the end, and then it was just so right, so perfect.


  2. Thanks, Lydia. Really pleased you liked it.

  3. Good work, Simon. "Arrest him
    for … something." Really enjoyed it.

  4. More kudos to you, Simon! You deserve every success. May you get more stories published in more places! And when are you going to write that novel?

  5. Milo. Thanks. Not sure if I stole that line from somewhere else though. It sounded vaguely familiar sa I wrote it!

  6. Thanks Karen! Oh, and the novel's written! Nearly two now. Just working on finding publishers ...

  7. Simple, but very effective and executed perfectly. Really enjoyed it, Simon.

  8. Thanks, Cate. Really glad you enjoyed it.


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