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The Bitter End Published by Jupiter SF

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Delighted to report that Jupiter SF issue 34 ("Euporie"), containing The Bitter End written by myself and Dominic de Mattos has just been released.

This story is quite long for a "short" story - about 8,500 words. It's an apocalyptic tale told entirely through an exchange of emails, which was certainly interesting to write. It had quite an interesting genesis : Dom and I originally wrote it for an apocalyptic anthology, which didn't work out. But I'm delighted it has found such a good home now.

This is my second story to appear in Jupiter, following on from 22nd Century Genie last year.

The apocalypse, eh? It's not the end of the world, is it?


  1. Congratulations, Simon!

    The concept reminds me of a book I enjoyed called ALLISON HEWITT IS TRAPPED - about the end of the world, zombies etc. written via blog posts.

  2. Thanks, Madeline! Damn, zombies - why didn't we add zombies?!

  3. Wow!! Huge congratulations Simon and Dominic!!! Yay!! Loved how you both collaborated to get the story written! Hooorah!

    The Apocalypse. Now?

    LOL! Oh ok, feeble attempt!! Take care

  4. Old Kitty,

    LOL! That was actually a pretty good summary of the entire 8500 words ...

  5. Fabulous. You're having a great years, Simon.

  6. Thanks, Deborah and Golden Eagle.

  7. Congratulations (and that's a lovely cover)


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